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Monday, February 24, 2014

Leatherman Juice S2

Multi tools are just cool. They offer a user the usefulness of many tools in one small, usually lightweight package. A while back I did a review of the Leatherman Squirt PS4 and I have had it on me everyday since then. Its feather weight and small size made it easy to just drop into my pocket and forget about until its services were needed. I have had a few situations since then that the tools contained on the Squirt were not adequate for the task at hand, a complication of having such a small profile. I decided to pick up the Juice S2 to add to the capabilities of the tools contained in my pocket.

It is a real looker to boot! I like the orange but it also comes in a grey coloration if you are boring. The length of the Juice is 3.25" as compared to the Squirt's 2.25" length. The weight of the Juice is 4.4oz so just over double of what the paltry Squirt weighs in at. With that increase in size and weight comes more functionality as you now have a larger knife blade, much heavier duty (but not heavy duty) pliers, larger scissors, an actual phillips head screwdriver, and two additional sizes of flat bladed drivers. You do however, lose the file.... which was a bummer for me as I used the file on the Squirt often. Here is a size reference of the OG original Leatherman tool (top), Juice S2 (middle), and Squirt PS4 (bottom);

The pliers size of the three are vastly different as well. The pliers on the Juice allow for much more force to be applied with still maintaining the ability to grip onto very small items (like bug stingers or splinters);

The knife blade on the Juice is much closer in size to the old school Leatherman than that on the Squirt;

And the scissors also show a generous size increase;

A mostly exploded view shows the bit drivers and such. The dedicated phillips driver is much preferred and I have yet to strip either a screw or the tool itself (as has been done on the Squirt);

The capabilities of the Juice outweigh the Squirt and I feel that for its small size and weight increase, the Juice offers much more capability and usefulness. You wont be sorry if you pick one up and throw it into your pocket everyday, you will find yourself using it more often than you think!

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