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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Short Update (1 year Kydex improvements)

Well it has certainly been a while since my last post. I have been very busy with my Kydex crafting. In fact, you may remember the Multicam holster for a Glock 21 that I made for my father a while back. If not, reference the link in the sidebar! Well as time went by and I gained both skill and experience in the art of thermo forming, I felt that my original Glock 21 holster was grossly inadequate and not up to par with my current level of production.

So I made my Pops another one! (This post is just to show how far I had come in a year.)

Firstly, the old model is on the left and my current work is on the right (should go without saying!). At first glance it is obvious, my old holster is ugly. But.... you have to start somewhere! Comparing the two is a night and day difference, definition is much better in my newer holster. The overall design is much more aesthetically appealing as well. My rivet spacing has improved vastly as well as my selection of hardware for the finished product.

The overall profile is much smaller and more sleek. I also ditched the MALICE clips for actual injection molded belt loops that are angled to allow me to really reduce the width of the holster as well as allow for easier sliding of a belt through the loops. Also note the addition of adjustable retention.

Next up is where my the difference is really at; the edge finishing. On my older holster, I hand finished with a Dremel tool and boy does it show... My new style I hand sand from 80 grit to 400 grit and then polish on a bench buffer using 2 wheels.



I am happy with my improvements over the last year and I am grateful to all of you who have supported me in this hobby-turned-business and allowed me the opportunity to provide you with my custom Kydex work! I plan to continue to grow my skill set and to keep climbing the ladder of excellence!


  1. Mind if I ask where you source your Kydex supplies?

    1. Absolutely! Initially I used (which I still get my multicam from ) but now I use index fasteners ( ) for everything else. They are a one stop shop for kydex materials and supplies. Great prices on blueguns as well!