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Friday, February 20, 2015

Beam Test!

Here is a small beam test showing the beam profiles and brightness of a few of the lights in my collection (that sounds odd). Distance from tip of camera lens to the door is 6 feet and all images were captured in manual mode using f-3.5 aperture at a 1/20s shutter speed.

Lights tested it order;
Mini Maglite AA
Garity Incandescent
Surefire 6P LED
Techlite Lumen Master 200
Streamlight Microstream
Sipik SK68
Balder HD-1
Ultrafire C8
Maratac AA
Roche F-12
Jaccobs A-60
Four Sevens Quark Tactical AA2
Nebo HP190 Weapon Light
Inforce APL Gen 1

Bear in mind, I tested some of these lights using their different modes and using either 1.5v alkaline or 4.2v lithium ion (where compatible) cells and those are noted on the image below. So check it out and I will try to update this soon-ish as I have already picked up more lights since these images were taken!

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